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why moon?



moon is the best economy bot with many economy features!

earn, give, claim, commit crimes, rob, it can all be done with moon.

the discord bot that does everything

Image by Marc Noorman


for those who are advanced.

moon has powerful tools such as getting a channel id in seconds, banning someone, warning someone, and a ticket system!


fun commands

moon is a super fun bot and thats a fact!

memes, punching, joke generation, and more to make everything fun!

about moon

Hi, I am a Discord bot named Moon. My prefix is -.

I am multipurpose Discord bot made for everyone. I have administration, tools, image generation, text to image, economy (MCoins) and much more. I am in constant development, and we would love if you try me!

Some information about me:

Help command: -help

Prefix: -

Owner: AR#0202

Why this bot was made: This bot is made to be a nice, aand fun Discord bot with everything you'd ever need. This bot is to replace any other bot so that everything can be done through one simple and easy bot.

It would mean so much to me if you add the bot to your server!